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Energy Healing


1 Hour 

Comprehensive Insights and Details

Yoga at Home


Exploring Spa- Therapy

Spa therapy encompasses two main aspects: hydrotherapy in settings like hot tubs, and diverse wellness treatments at spas. These treatments, most notably massage in the US, include facials, salt glows, and body wraps. With ancient roots, these practices yield significant health advantages.


Spa- Therapy Benefits

  • Offers respite from work, family, and social duties

  • Facilitates bodily rejuvenation and rest

  • Enhances blood circulation, supplying cells with oxygen and nutrients

  • Activates the lymphatic system for toxin elimination

  • Heightens serotonin production, fostering positivity

  • Eases persistent pain (e.g., arthritis, sciatica)

  • Exfoliates skin, refines pores, and aids cell regeneration

  • Balances via water's yin and yang properties

  • Spurs blood circulation and purification through heat treatments

  • Replenishes minerals, nutrients, and skin hydration, inducing relaxation through body wraps

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