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A Bit About Shata-Karma

SHAT - KARMA, where 'Shat' denotes six and 'karma' signifies actions. There exist six types of shatkarmas:

  1. Dhauti: Detoxification of the alimentary canal.

  2. Basti: Detoxification of the large intestine.

  3. Neti: Detoxification of the nasal passages.

  4. Tratak: Focused gazing on a point to enhance concentration and cleanse the mind.

  5. Nauli: Strengthening of abdominal organs.

  6. Kapalbhati: Detoxification of the frontal brain area."

  • Enhanced breathing

  • Sustained overall well-being

  • Decreased anger and depression

  • Excess mucus removal

  • Diminished pollen and allergens in nasal passages

  • Relief from nasal dryness

  • Minimized cold and flu symptoms

  • Eased sinus headaches

BENEFITS of Shatakarma

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