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5 hour

A Bit About Shankh-Prakshalana

The term "Shankhaprakshalana" comprises two words: "Shankha," meaning "conch," and "prakshalana," signifying complete washing. "Shankha" symbolizes the entire alimentary canal, spanning from the mouth to the anus. This practice is a component of "kaya kalpa," an Ayurvedic method for physical purification and transformation, wherein "kaya" denotes body and "kalpa" refers to transformation. Shankha-prakshalana involves cleansing the intestinal tract by expelling impurities using saline water.


* Please note that attempting this practice without the guidance of a Yoga Guru and medical professional is not recommended.

  • Eliminates body toxins, enhancing strength and health for months

  • Aids in preventing and addressing underlying causes of various diseases

  • Clears intestinal walls of waste, toxins, and acidity, alleviating issues like gas, indigestion, and constipation

  • Revitalizes brain cells and enhances overall oxygen circulation

  • Augments feelings of comfort, lightness, and happiness

  • Enhances emotional well-being and sense of connectedness to humanity

BENEFITS of Shankh- Prakshalana 

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